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Military Retirement Income - What if Your Pension isn't Enough?
You've served your country in a military career. The military provides a pension in retirement; it is one of the most generous plans in the United States, given that many private-sector companies[...]
Using Annuities to Provide Stable Retirement Income
Using Annuities for Retirement Income, Long Term Care (LTC) Funding, Gen-Xers, and even Millennials. Annuities are an investment class that can provide stable monthly income for Long Term Care[...]
11 Ways of Paying off Medical School Debt
Most doctors, especially those graduating in recent years, take on a large amount of debt to finance their medical school tuition. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, 75[...]
Want to Save $100k in Taxes? Medical Pass Through Deductions
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) presents major changes for most taxpayers, especially for high-income earners. Evaluating the effects of the new law, made effective for the 2018 tax year,[...]
Retirement Strategies to Survive Bear Markets
Bear Market Retirement Strategies Individual investors approaching or already in retirement may be wondering how to survive the various challenges associated with the US bear market conditions. A[...]
Bear Market Retirement & Potential Portfolio Protection Strategies
Bear Market Retirement & Potential Portfolio Protection Strategies Many of us look forward to retirement as the time to reap the fruits of many years of hard work, financial discipline, and wise[...]
Retirement Income Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment
Retirement Income Strategies in a Rising Rate Environment Given the current regulatory and economic climate, it is clear that we are headed for a period where interest rates will be consistently[...]